Helsinki To Tallinn By Ferry: Everything To Expect


So, you want to visit two countries in one trip and travel from Helsinki to Tallinn? Luckily for you, the journey is incredibly doable in a day.. Or longer if you have the luxury of time. Plus.. they’re both excellent locations for solo travelers!

When I arrived in Helsinki, I knew this was something I had to do during my trip. After seeing the hoards of people on my very early ferry, I’m sure you’ll find almost every Finn has made the journey once or twice before. However, while the actual journey across the Sea only takes a mere 2.5 hours, sometimes booking can get a little confusing..

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Why You Should Travel from Helsinki to Tallinn

First of all, if you haven’t googled pictures of Tallinn, Estonia.. Then you’re already missing out. A beautiful coastal city, Tallinn is the epitome of a European fairytale. Castles, cobblestone streets, narrow alleyways, culture, history, and very cheap prices- it’s a must. 

If you’re staying in Helsinki as a budget traveler, you’ll soon realize it’s a difficult feat.. because prices in Finland are HIGH.Tallinn was a breath of fresh air, with beers as cheap as 1 euro and a full meal costing under 10.. Budget travelers rejoice!

As I’ve gotten into my 30’s, I’ve realized I’ve become quite accustomed to the art of slow travel, but that’s not to say I still don’t enjoy crossing off a few countries here and there.. Especially if they’re only 2.5 hours by boat!


Booking the Helsinki to Tallinn Route

There Are Various Ferry Options

When you google “Helsinki to Tallinn Ferry,” you’ll see several options to choose from, which can get very confusing if you’ve never visited either country before. If you don’t want to book a tour through a travel website, there are 3 main ferry lines which will drop you off in Tallinn that you can book directly online. 

  • Tallink Silja Line – 7 sailings daily
  • Viking Cruises – 3 sailing daily
  • Eckero Line – 3 sailings daily

There Are Different Terminals in Helsinki

Read the fine print! When I was sitting in my hostel booking my ferry to Tallinn, only to realize the terminal was 45 minutes away.. I panicked and got a refund luckily.

It’s important to note that each option above has a different terminal around Helsinki. So, depending on where you’re staying, make sure to check the distance. I opted for the Viking Line terminal since it was only a 10 minute drive and 25 minute walk from my hostel. 

Deciding which to book all depends on your budget, where you’re staying, and what’s important to you during a 2.5 hour trip across the Sea! For me, I just wanted to get there early and at an affordable price.

viking terminal helsinki

Viking Line Helsinki to Tallinn

Terminal in Helsinki: Address: Katajanokanlaituri 8
Terminal in Tallinn: A-Terminal – Address: Sadama 25/2

This terminal is right across from the Old Market Square, Old Town, and the Allas Sea Pool. If you’re staying in the center, it should only take you anywhere between 5-30 minutes to walk to. 

Viking cruises are pretty popular for long sailings across Europe, so there were quite a few long-haul passengers on my boat sleeping, so space was quite limited (even in the morning). I eventually found a seat away from the crowds on the ground.. So keep this in mind especially during peak seasons (I visited in September). 

silja terminal helsinki

Silja Line Helsinki to Tallinn

Terminal in Helsinki: West Terminal 2 (Länsisatama) – Address: Tyynenmerenkatu 14
Terminal in Tallinn: D-Terminal – Address: Lootsi 13

Located along the water, this terminal is also very walkable from the city center. Tallink Silja often sails 3 ships; the Megastar ships, Star ships, and Europa ships (be sure to check your tickets to see where exactly you’ll be departing from).

eckero terminal helsinki

Eckero Line Helsinki to Tallinn

Terminal in Helsinki: West Terminal 2 (Länsisatama) – Address: Tyynenmerenkatu 14

Terminal in Tallinn: A-Terminal – Address: Sadama 25/2

From where I was staying, this was the furthest terminal.. But it’s still within walking distance from many parts of Helsinki. I’d recommend hopping on Tram 7 or 9 if you’re taking an early morning ferry, and getting off at the Harbor. 

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Important Tips For Traveling On-Board 

  • Make sure to bring your passport. It’s an international trip after all!
  • Have your ticket code ready on your phone or printed
  • Arrive to the terminal no later than 30 minutes before your departure
  • Credit card is taken in Tallinn, but everything is so cheap so bring some euros
  • All ships have food on board, but pack your own if you’re picky
  • Better early than late! Everyone rushes on to get a seat, so be prepared

Helsinki to Tallinn Timetables


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