Top 5 Best Places to Travel Alone This year

Finding the best places to travel alone can be incredibly nerve-wracking for first-time solo travelers, but, there are few things in life that are as empowering as venturing out alone. Choosing the right adventure opens up your world to a variety of cultural experiences and people. 

While every where in the world has both good and bad areas, based on several factors, there are definitely countries that are easier to solo travel as a first timer. After traveling to over 30 countries worldwide, here’s my round up of top destinations for solo travel.

top 5 best places to travel alone this year


A playground for the adventurous, Iceland is home to some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world and is known as one of the best places to travel alone. There’s not shortage of smiles in Iceland, as friendly locals are eager to share their knowledge of their homeland. 

The country has seen a significant tourism boom in the past few years- and for good reason. Winding roads, quaint cities, and amiable locals make Iceland one of the top destinations for solo travel worldwide. Volcanoes, glaciers, and cascading falls: Iceland is an adventure-lovers paradise.

iceland travel


Traveling alone to Switzerland is made easy thanks to the country’s beautiful countrysides, safe cities, and ease of transportation.

If you’re new to solo travel, then Switzerland is a good place to start. With train routes reaching almost every inch of the country, this takes away the anxiety of venturing off the beaten path. The locals are also incredibly friendly, willing to chat, and share their tips.

ireland travel


Ireland is a country that truly has it all. If you’re traveling alone, you’ll find yourself with 100 new friends by the end of your travels. Lush landscapes, lesser-known islands, and the best pub culture in the world.

The best way to solo travel around Ireland is by hostel and car. If you’re not into the hostel culture, traditional family-owned b&b’s are dotted throughout the country. The roads are simple to drive in Ireland, if you remember to stay on the right side!

slovenia travel


Continuously on the list as one of the safest countries to travel to alone, Slovenia is one of Europe’s smaller countries, making it easy to navigate. Start your trip in Ljubljana: with its narrow canals, pastel-colored houses, and cobblestone streets. It’s the perfect starting point to venture around the rest of the country.

Something for everyone, you’ll find mountain-side villages, prime hiking spots, and a thriving food culture. Be sure to visit the rocky edges of Predjama Castle and the dark depths of Postojna Cave. 

austria travel


Though slightly more expensive than other destinations in Europe, Austria earns its way on the solo travel list because of its safety. While Vienna is a must-visit on your trip, there’s also plenty to see outside of the city too.

Small villages such as Hallstatt offer impeccable views, less tourists (if you go at the right times), and quaint hostels for adventure travelers. If you do your research, Austria is extremely affordable for solo travelers.


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