Center Hotel Thingholt; Solitude on the Rainbow Road

Center Hotel Thingholt embodies the country’s warmth and comfort in its design and interiors. Just off of the Rainbow Road in the downtown neighborhood, it’s a welcomed getaway amidst the hustle and bustle of Iceland’s city center. Nods towards Iceland’s elements and diversifying landscapes can be found in the Hotel’s dramatic designs and name choices. 

Derived from Old Norse and a poetic name for Iceland (íss meaning “ice” and fold meaning “earth, land; field”), Isafold Spa and Isafold lounge & bar are the social hubs within the Hotel.

Spending most of my time at the bar area as a solo traveler, I found solace in chatting to the staff and enjoying the carefully selected wine, beer, and cocktail lists. 

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All aspects of Center Hotel Thingholt feel intimate and purposeful. Walking into Isafold Spa, I felt as though I was transported to a remote location somewhere on Iceland’s South Coast. A spacious hot tub, steam bath, and relaxation area were a welcomed refuge. 

Location: Reykjavik, Iceland

The Little Things: Bar/restaurant, breakfast buffet, indoor spa, small gym

Food & Drinks on-site: Isafold restaurant and bar

What To Do In The Area: Hallgrimskirkja Church, Rainbow Road, Harpa Music Hall

What Makes The Hotel Good For Solo Travel? It’s proximity to bars and restaurants in Reykjavik, safety for walking home at night, and social bar area

center hotel thingholt rooms

A low-paneled wooden ceiling and plush couches instill a sense of coziness. Small elements often found in Center Hotel properties stand out; from the unique lighting to the faux cowhide rugs. Water trickling down the lobby wall and dark furnishings are reminiscent of Iceland’s calm yet dramatic landscapes- and a party for the senses!

All 52 rooms within Center Hotel Thingholt are a blend of modern comfort with nature-inspired elements. Icelandic architect Gulla Jonsdottir really elevated traditional room designs to a new level, with substantial contrasts between dark and light tones.

Staying in the junior suite room, I had ample space with a nude couch, king-size bed, quirky patterns, and plenty of natural light. Room prices vary depending on the season, but budget Iceland is certainly doable- especially with a choice of rooms to pick!

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