4 Reasons Why Every Solo Traveler Should Visit Prague

As one of my favorite locations in Europe, every traveler should visit Prague at least once in their lives.

Having visited the city twice, I’m slightly biased, as I’ve had the best times in Prague both times I went. The gothic city offers so much to tourists. From quaint cafes to a lively bar scene, there’s always a new friend to be made here. 

If you’re solo traveling and find yourself falling in love with Prague, the country has made it easy by launching a digital nomad visa for remote workers. 

You’ll find hundreds of fellow travelers, friendly locals, and a remote friendly atmosphere. As a tourist, the city is pretty easy to navigate, and is extremely affordable on a budget.

A Vibrant Hostel Scene

If you’re an expert solo traveler, you’ll know the best way to meet people is by staying in a hostel. With so many scattered throughout the city, it’s easy to choose an accommodation that works for you.

After backpacking Europe last year for 5 weeks, some of my best memories were thanks to the hostel I chose in Prague. OneFam Hostel welcomed me with open arms and 25 new friends. Bar crawls, walking tours, and family meals. Choosing the right hostel can really make or break a trip. 

If you’re planning your first solo trip, make a list of what’s important to you when visiting Prague. A private room? Female only accommodation? Centrally located? With hundreds of hostels, Prague has a variety of options to ensure peace of mind for everyone.

Buzzing Gastronomy and Beer Gardens

Traveling extensively through Europe, some of the friendliest people I’ve met have been in Eastern Europe. Though often thought of as being ‘cold,’ they’re incredibly friendly people with a fondness for sharing their culture with others.

When you visit Prague, it’s fairly easy to venture to a local pub or beer garden and start a chat with an outgoing local or fellow solo traveler. You’ll also find that most travelers who visit Prague are extremely down to earth and willing to meet other travelers.

    food in prague

    It’s Affordable 

    Affordability is something we all think of as solo travelers.

    Depending on how long you’re staying in the country, what you want to see, and what type of accommodation you’re looking for: there’s something for everyone.

    According to Expatistan, Prague is 54% cheaper than 54% of cities in the world. A bottle of good-quality wine can cost between $6-7, and beers are typically in the $1-2 range.

    For solo travelers, hostels are an incredibly cheap option (I stayed in Prague for 5 days for under $100). You can also find somewhat affordable hotels depending on the season you travel. For a longer stay, AirBnB’s can be found for under $1,000 in the city. 

    views of old town prague

    Centrally Located

    As a solo traveler, we often like to venture around and experience other quaint towns and countries around Europe. Its central location makes it easy to visit Prague and also backpack around. 

    With a reliable public transportation system, it’s possible to get various ticket options depending on how long you’re looking to explore. Bordered by Poland, Germany, Austria, and Slovakia, there are several bus and train options if you want to travel anywhere else. 

    Last summer I visited Budapest, Prague, Vienna, Slovenia, and Slovakia by taking the Flix Bus!


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