6 Of The Best Things To Do In Grenada, Caribbean

In this brief guide, you’ll find 6 of the best things to do in Grenada during a short trip. A relatively small Island, Grenada’s lush landscapes are waiting to be explored. Rugged, authentic, and naturally beautiful, the Spice Isle is a gem in the Caribbean. 

Where Is Grenada?

Nicknamed the ‘Spice Isle,’ Grenada can be found between the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, just North of Trinidad and Tobago. Its hilly landscapes, lush terrain, and colorful capital make it an excellent getaway for a weekend trip (depending on where you’re based) or a longer staycation. 

With direct options from JFK and Boston Logan Airport, JetBlue makes it easier than ever to land in paradise in just under 5 hours with their new Mint Class routes! There are also plenty of resorts to choose from on Island, and incredible options for adventure and leisure activities too!

Best Things To Do In Grenada #1: Wade Through Annandale Falls

I was standing at the foot of the pathway waiting for my group to descend the slippery slopes to the falls. I could hear the low whisper of the cascading waterfall from below, but hadn’t lay my eyes on it quite yet. 

The soft chatter of monkeys in the background set the stage for the epic hike we were about to experience. Following the narrow pathway, we were surrounded on both sides by hanging both flora and fauna in true Grenadian fashion. 

Densely covered by humidity, we finally felt the soft breeze of the water and a sprinkle of the waterfall’s mist. To my surprise, we found a bar at the entrance- so of course we opted to fill our tummies with the warmth of the infamous rum punches of the Island. 

What To Know About Visiting

A short 20-minute drive from the capital, it’s quite easy to make your way over to Annandale; and is certainly one of the best things to do in Grenada!  Its surroundings of lush greenery and moisture make it a nice home for insects- so be sure to pack a lot of bug spray with you.

The Waterfall is completely free to visit, but there are ‘jumpers’ there who will ask for a small donation if you want to see them dive from high above. Of course this isn’t mandatory by any means, but just be prepared. 

How To Get There

If you’re in backpacking mode, then the cheapest option is to take a local bus. To get to Annandale, you’ll need to take the number 7 bus from Melville Street (a few minutes walk from the cruise terminal. Everyone is SO friendly in Grenada, so tell the driver where you want to go so you know when to hop off.

Alternatively, you can also take a taxi, rent a car, or opt for a guided tour!

Best Things To Do In Grenada #2: Indulge At The House Of Chocolate

My senses were overtaken while strolling through St. George’s House of Chocolate. The sweet scent of cacao filled the air as we made our way to the tasting table. 

Our tour guide began by hitting a nut against a rock.. Not exactly what I was expecting at first. Pulling out a squishy looking fruit, he held it out for us to taste- the first step of making chocolate! Grinding the cacao nibs and trying the Grenadian flavors was an explosion for the taste buds.. And I’m sure even non-chocolate lovers would agree!

What To Know About Visiting

The House of Chocolate is located right in the heart of St.George’s at #10 Young Street. Street parking is incredibly difficult in the city, so I’d suggest walking, taxi-ing, or hopping on a local bus depending on where you’re staying. 

There’s a guided min-tour inside, gift shop, and a cafe for tasting and purchasing some goodies! As of now, it’s open everyday except Sunday from 9am-5pm.

Best Things To Do In Grenada #3: Taste Some Spirits at River Antoine Rum Distillery 

“Go on, put your nose closer to smell the molasses.” So, I did. With a nibble of sugar cane found on the ground and the intense waft of the rum, my senses were in overdrive. 

Our tour began with our guide explaining the process it takes to properly distill rum on the Island, and what makes River Antoine so special to Grenadians. Walking along the sticky floors and peering into the oversized casks, I had found a new appreciation for rum!

With an unexpected tropical downpour looming, we ran to our final stop on the trip.. The bar. In true Grenadian fashion, our guide poured us 3 shots each to try the locally distilled rum.. And it did not disappoint. 

What To Know About Visiting

You’ll find the Distillery roughly an hour’s drive from St. George’s, on the northeast coast of the Island. As of February, tours are now offered everyday- Monday-Friday 9am-5pm and on the weekends from 9am-4pm. 

Best Things To Do In Grenada #4: Walk Through Grand Etang

The guard was ushering us through quickly. Driving along the gravelly pathway, the mist crept up to meet the edges of our windows. In a few short moments of being in the thick of it all, we were fully surrounded by a cloud of gray.. But climbing out of the vehicle, we saw something completely unexpected by us all. 

A large body of water set in the crater of an extinct volcano. There we were. Stray cats and kits happily grazing beside the lake, with the soft sway of the wind in the backdrop. The mist still ever-present sat atop the lake’s surface almost in a trifle-effect. The silence around us felt all-encompassing, as we sat looking into the distance. 

What To Know About Visiting

Sat in the Grand Etang Forest Reserve, the fresh water lake is 530m above sea level and approximately 36 acres in area- a great place to immerse yourself in nature and experience the true beauty and history of Grenada.

If you’re into hiking, there are several trails you can follow throughout the Reserve- but be careful not to get lost if you’re alone! Open bodies of water attract mosquitoes, so this is a spot for that handy bug-spray of yours! The price of entry is around XCD $5.34 or USD $2.00.

How To Get There

Again, everything on Grenada is surprisingly close together. If you have your own car, it’s about 4.5 miles from the capital, so the drive will be about 25 minutes or so! You can also hop bus #6 from St. George’s main bus terminal to the lake.

Best Things To Do In Grenada #5: Take A Step Back In Time At Fort Frederick

Drizzling slightly, we were climbing the steps to the top of the fort in a hurry, to experience the view for ourselves. 360 sweeping views of Grenada were certainly worth the humid trek to reach the highest point. 

800 feet above sea level, I stood in awe of the strikingly beautiful panoramic views I had of the azure sea and colorful houses below. As one of the best preserved bastions in the Caribbean, Fort Frederick sits proudly atop the rolling mountain edges. 

What To Know About Visiting

Be sure to check the weather before visiting. It’s extremely humid and windy at the top, and it’s best to choose a day with little to no rain predicted- trust me!

The entry fee is an affordable XCD $5.34 or USD $2.00. Super close to the capital, it’ll take you no time to make it to the historical Fort. If you’re renting a car and driving the loop of the island, you can make this one your first or last stop.

Best Things To Do In Grenada #6: Live Like The Locals and Visit ‘Friday’s’ Bar 

It was 8am as I was sleepily making my way into the 10-seater bar that was Friday’s. Before I even step foot inside, a shot of rum was floating in front of my face. 

“You need to cleanse yourself before entering,” the owner says. I’m looking at the mixed concoction of herbs, rum, and a scorpion wondering if I could actually drink this before noon. Biting the bullet, I down the rum and take a seat along the restaurant’s edge. 

With no menu, I left my trust completely in Brian and his gang of friendly staff. In just a few minutes of admiring the view, I was given a plate full of bakes, saltfish, herring, plantains, and cacao tea- all the Grenadian favorites.

Nestled amongst the local homes, Friday’s is a gathering spot on Island for both natives and tourists in the know. Visit a stranger, leave a friend could not be more true of this quaint hideaway in the Grenadian mountains. 


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