Island Hopping In Croatia: How I Escaped the Crowds By Visiting These 4 Spots


Island hopping in Croatia is by far one of the best ways to see this beautiful country if you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle that comes during peak season. Split and Dubrovnik have seen an increase in tourism over the past year or so, with tourists looking for hotel escapes and locals feeling stuck inside a snow-globe of tourism mania.

What was once a relatively undiscovered destination in Europe, is now a hub for tourists seeking pristine beaches at half the cost of other notable European spots.

After spending a summer backpacking solo, I successfully managed to island hop my way around Croatia — finding many hidden gems along my way. (While there are various ways to travel to all destinations mentioned, be sure to check this resource to see what’s best for you).

bisevo croatia


The small island of Bisevo is situated in the middle of Croatia’s archipelago. Most companies include this destination in their island-hopping day tours around Croatia. 

Lined with rocky caves along its shores, it’s no surprise why the infamous ‘Blue Cave’ is one of the most-visited sites in Croatia. As you’re led through a low cavern, you’ll be in awe of the luminescent blue waters filling the space. Sunlight reflects through the seabed, making the cave glow in a magical way. 

While I thought I had seen all Bisevo had to offer, my favorite destination was an unexpected stop-off before heading back to Split.

The small harbor village of Porat is a sandy alcove with some of the bluest waters you’ll see. Calm waters, natural shade, and humble homes provide a laid-back atmosphere. You won’t want to miss the Croatian crepes that are made at the side of a local home.

vis croatia


Children roaming free, humble homes, and no-fuss beach-front cafes, Vis is a remote paradise that provides insight into the local way of living. The secluded paradise is a nature-lover’s dream – surrounded by calm waters and greenery all around.

The beauty and untouched essence of Vis can be seen in Komiza Bay. A deep bay full of crystal blue waters, Komiza is a town lined with traditional houses and rolling hills – a true local experience. 

brac island croatia


The longest Island in Croatia, Brac attracts adventure travelers due to its prime windsurfing conditions. 

Located on the South-side, Bol is no doubt one of the most visited areas on the island, while Milna is for those seeking fewer crowds and charming views. 

Sands stretch far out into the ocean, and narrow streets make an idyllic day of strolling around the quaint stores. Many tours and boats travel to Brac from the major cities daily – so be sure to book in advance. 

island hopping hvar


A major port in Croatia, Hvar is certainly one of the busier islands. Often buzzing with eager tourists and laid-back locals, it’s easy to see the draw. Winding streets and charming stores, culture and history can be found in abundance on the island of Hvar. 

If you want a quick escape during peak season, the town is conveniently connected by a few Palenki Islands – filled with secluded beaches and relaxed surroundings.


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