Boston In The Spring; A Mini Guide To The Best Things To See

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 09:24 pm

boston in the spring

Winding streets, Sox games, and blooms.. Ah, Massachusetts. The dreamy, quintessential, East Coast State that’s comfortably surrounded by its fellow East Coaster’s. Boston in the spring is like no other.

Massachusetts is known for its distinguishable seasons, blossoms, harbor-islands, boat trips, and beautifully historic cobblestone streets. 

Visit a Spring Neighborhood in Boston

Back Bay, Beacon Hill, South End, Bay Village. The four areas in Boston you’ll want to visit in the spring, and 100% add to your Massachusetts spring bucket list! Think elaborate decorations, pumpkin stoops, and brownstones.

These destinations take the word s-p-r-i-n-g and run with it.. a million miles, to the nearest flower store! Think blossoms, flower bouquets, decorative Easter stoops.. Let’s take a look at how you can plan your spring strolls around these neighborhoods.

beacon hill boston

Beacon Hill

My absolute favorite area in the whole city, Beacon Hill truly prides itself in being the most decorative neighborhood during every season. Almost every stoop and door is covered in spring flowers and decorations. To start your day, I’d definitely grab a refreshing drink and crispy pastry from Tatte.

From there, make your way down Charles street, where you’ll find quaint gift shops, antique stores, and brunch spots. If you plan ahead, something to see is the Nichols House Museum, a historic brownstone purchased by the Nichols family back in 1885.

Once you’ve had your Downton Abbey fix, it’s time to take a stroll by Rouvalis Flower shop. You will find the cutest decor, bright, spring bouquets, and the perfect aesthetic for some quick snaps.

My two favorite areas in Beacon Hill are definitely Acorn Street and Louisburg Square. Acorn Street is one of the most photographed streets in the US! 

Back Bay/Bay Village

Begin your day at Eataly with a coffee and cannoli perhaps, or a famous hot chocolate from L.A. Burdick. Then stroll over to Commonwealth Avenue and Gloucester Street. These are probably the two best streets for seeing flower lined windows and blossom trees.

Bay Village is somewhat hidden and unknown- even to Boston residents. It’s located next to the Theatre district, and has some of the most stunning architectural designs in the city.

Take a stroll down Fayette street, where you’ll immediately feel transported back to the 1800’s and walk the streets where Edgar Allen Poe was born. While Bay Village isn’t as elaborately decorated as Beacon Hill, it’s absolutely worth the visit to stroll through the charming streets on a warm, spring day!

South End

Am I saving the best for last? It’s possible. The South End DOES IT BIG. I’d grab some brunch at one of the many spots along Tremont Street (some of my faves are Barcelona, Black Lamb, or the Beehive for live music!) If you want to just skip straight to the good stuff, Blackbird Donuts and Flour Bakery have aaamazing sweets and goodies.

Just like Beacon Hill, strolling to any of the side streets off of Tremont street will bring you face to face with over-the-top decorations. Union Park and neighboring Waltham Street are known for low-hanging blossom trees, cute parks, and off-the-beaten-path cafes.

Visit One of Many Coastal Towns 

boston day trips

The East Coast the place to be if you want charming islands and quintessential harbor towns. Tourists and locals alike flock to the coast for some sand, sea, and much needed sun. While there are so many places to choose from, the below list are my favorites, and 100% Hayley on Hiatus approved!

Islands and Harbor Towns I Recommend Visiting in Massachusetts

  • Go Beach hopping in Nantucket
  • Explore the Gingerbread house’s on Martha’s Vineyard
  • Treat yourself to a quaint inn or coastal resort in Rockport/Gloucester
  • Try a Lobster Roll in Newburyport
  • Go Shark spotting in Cape Cod

Take a Harbor Cruise on a Sunny Day 

electric boats boston

Don’t let the chilly water fool you! Massachusetts is home to some of the most stunning beaches and shorelines along the East Coast. From water taxis to whale watches, Boston has a handful of boating activities to choose from!

For this reason, enjoy being a tourist in your own city or book your next city-break to the Coast. Adding a boat-cruise to your Massachusetts spring bucket list is a must, and here are some great companies to help you do so.

Harbor Cruise Options in Massachusetts

Stroll Through Boston Common 

  • Make way for the Ducklings! People dress up the ducklings for every occasion, making them extra cute
  • Take a seat at the Good Will Hunting Bench (a detailed map can be found here
  • Dip your toes or splash around in the Frog Pond
  • Navigate your way along the Freedom Trail
  • Visit the Garden of Flags on Memorial Day

boston in the spring boston common

Go Brewery Hopping

The perfect place for good food, good beer, and flannel shirts is Boston! There are so many breweries you can visit across the city and on the outskirts. Last I checked, MA has over 130 breweries.. that’s right, makes it easy to go hopping right? 

Some of My Favorite Breweries

Treat Yourself to a Luxury Hotel

Massachusetts definitely has its fare share of unique hotels dotted throughout suburbs and in the heart of the city. Whether you’re in the mood for a stay inside an old prison, fancy a look into Boston’s historic past, or picture yourself staying just outside the city with a view of the Charles River, Boston has it all.

Whether it be for a long weekend trip or a mini staycation, checking yourself into a luxury hotel is the perfect thing to add to your Massachusetts spring bucket list! There’s so much to discover in the city center, beach towns to be explored, and suburbs full of bustling breweries and restaurants.

To get the most bang for your buck and to experience it all, a short stopover is a must. My list of hotel reviews in Massachusetts can be found on my USA page!

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