Zuma Restaurant Boston; Japanese-style Brunch

Last updated on June 12th, 2023 at 12:16 am

The bar area inside Zuma restaurant in the four seasons boston

Boston has become a city full of worldly cuisines and modern twists on cultural favorites. Scour each neighborhood and you’ll find yourself with many options. If you’re looking to elevate your tastebuds with Japanese-style dishes, Zuma Restaurant Boston is a must-try. On the 2nd floor of the of the Four Seasons Hotel in Back Bay, it portrays relaxed dining mingled with Japanese izakaya concept.

Inside Zuma Restaurant

Ascending the winding staircase to the restaurant’s entrance, and find yourself face to face with an open wooden doorway leading into the main dining area. Warmth emanates from the beautifully decorated interiors. Wood finishes perfectly compliment the deep purple tones of the furnishings throughout.

Entrance to zuma restaurant in boston

A wrap around bar area with an impressive selection of spirits is on display at the forefront of Zuma Restaurant. Carved wooden countertops and spot lighting make for the ideal staging area to experience a cocktail display by one of the talented bar staff.

The main dining room is home to 3 open-concept kitchen spaces; the Principal Kitchen, Sushi, and Robata Counters. In the heart of the room sits the Robata. With no reservation required, dine and enjoy the show as the chefs prepare dishes over Japanese charcoal. Opt for a seat across from the Sushi Counter, and admire the craft and dedication that is sushi rolling.

A glass of champagne at zuma in the four seasons boston

The Food at Zuma

Zuma’s signature brunch menu includes unlimited starters and sushi for the table, choice of entree, and decadent dessert platter for the table at only $86/person (well worth the price).

Small but mighty, the shishito peppers come out sizzling with a hint of blackened goodness coating the outside. The inside bursts with piquancy as it melts in the mouth. Immerse the peppers in the yuzu sesame dip for an elevated experience of flavorings. The bite-size spicy fried chicken with lemon chili sauce was a favorite contender of ours; delectably crunchy yet moist. The mini tower of steamed baby spinach topped with sesames erupts with juices as the fork cuts through the middle. With a healthy twist, the vegetable tempura is light and crispy.

shishito peppers dish at zuma boston

Four different sushi rolls are on offer during the brunch menu, all full to the brim with vegetables, fish, and seasonings for intense flavor. When it comes to fish at Zuma, the winner has to be the sashimi. A mixture of tuna, yellowtail, and salmon served over ice. The fork cuts through the sashimi with ease, flakes of fish falling apart. Each serving is buttery soft.

Sashimi dish at zuma

Main entrees include the salmon teriyaki, chicken sando, spicy beef tenderloin, and spicy fried tofu. Each dish elevates a basic protein into a masterpiece full of flavors, presented in a distinctive way. Save a little room for the decadent dessert platter included in the brunch menu. A display of chefs favorites surrounding a sign reading ‘Arigato,’ are presented in the most eloquent of ways. Fresh fruit, sorbet, mochi, and other desserts are yours for the choosing.

decadent dessert platter from zuma inside the four seasons boston