How To Get From Belize City To San Pedro Island

how to get from belize city to san pedro

Any trip to the lively Central American country isn’t complete without taking a puddle jumper from Belize City to San Pedro Island. Known for its vibrant culture, protected coral reefs, wildlife, rugged landscapes, and charming villages, Belize makes for an adventurous travel spot for families, couples, and solo travelers. 

As a solo traveler, it’s oftentimes difficult to shield ourselves from the misconceptions we hear about countries worldwide- usually from people who don’t even travel! While it’s important to stay up to date on the happenings of the World, it’s also important to create your own opinions on a destination after visiting. 

My real thoughts on the country? While I didn’t spend any time at all in Belize City, San Pedro and its surrounding Islands are beautiful in so many ways. Speak to a few Belizeans, and you’ll instantly feel their warmth and passion in every word. A proud nation, there’s not much here at all that feels ‘over-touristy’ in any way. Winding streets, humble store-fronts, and so many hidden gems to be explored, Belize is a cultural melting pot within Central America.

belize city to san pedro

What To Know; Belize City To San Pedro

Where is San Pedro?

To put it into perspective, most flights from the U.S. will land in Belize City, and while there’s certainly a lot to see within the capital, travelers are drawn to the clear waters and adventure activities along San Pedro and its surrounding villages. 

In northern Belize in the south part of Ambergris Caye, San Pedro is a coastal city that boasts sandy streets, colorful beach bars, and restaurants filled with freshly-caught seafood. Many travelers use San Pedro as a hub to visit neighboring fishing village, Caye Caulker, as well as the protected area of Hol Chan Marine Park and Shark Ray Alley. 

Flying From Belize City to San Pedro

This is definitely the transportation of choice for locals and travelers, since it’s easy, affordable, and has the best views! Maya Island Air and Tropic Air are the two main domestic airlines that travel from Belize City to San Pedro daily. I’ve only flown with Tropic Air, but both airlines seem like a solid option.

Both Maya Air and Tropic Air have flights leaving daily every hour, and the trip only takes 15 minutes on the puddle jumper. There’s also a ferry option.. But, this is the most scenic route if you want to see the crystal-clear waters from up above!

Tickets, security, and baggage allowance

All tickets from Belize City to San Pedro can be bought directly on the airlines websites. While some people prefer to go with the flow, I’d 100% recommend booking online before traveling in order to secure your spot (especially during the peak season December-May).

If your first flight from the U.S. is delayed for some reason.. Don’t worry! The airlines will usually book you on the next available flight with free seats (and they fly almost every hour all day)..

If you’re arriving in Belize City from an international destination, customs are relatively fast- I got through in about 10 minutes. Once you exit customs, DO NOT leave the airport. You’ll go past baggage claim and into connecting flights. You’ll see the domestic airline counters just outside the doors.

Give the airline your confirmation code, and they’ll give you a boarding pass for your hopper flight. The security area is TINY and will also take you no time to get through (it took me 2 minutes). Once you’re through, you’ll be in the departures area for the flights! Find your gate, and you’ll be leaving Belize City to venture to San Pedro in no time.

Both airlines’ baggage policy depends on the fare booked. Maya Air allows; Small personal item, Carry-on weighing 15 lbs or under, Checked bag weighing 50 lbs or under (again, dependent on fare class). Tropic Air’s baggage policy is shown below; 

tropic air baggage allowance

Common Questions; Belize City to San Pedro

How Long Should I Give Myself Between Two Flights?

It’s advised that you arrive at your domestic flight gate 30 minutes before take-off- so I’d give yourself an hour- and a half between the flights just in case of delays. I cannot stress enough though how laid back the staff are (for Tropic Air at least). I was booked for a 2pm departure, but got through customs fast, so they put me on the 1:30 flight- don’t stress!

Are Seats Assigned?

For both, no. You’ll usually be told where to sit based on weight and luggage etc., but this also isn’t super strict. If you’re first in line, get the co-pilot seat- you won’t regret it!

What Happens If I Miss My Connection?

If you miss your connection due to an international flight delay, the airlines will book you on the next available flight with free seats. Like I said, they fly out every hour all day, so there’s no need to panic!

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